27 January 2020 Ride High Pineapple Information

Ride High Pineapple Information

Ride High Pineapple

Upper Middle Grade/YA Novel
Ages 10-14

234 pages

Publication Year: 2016

978-0-9945341-0-1 (pbk)
978-0-9945341-1-8 (e-bk)

RRP $15 AUD paperback
RRP $4.14 AUD ebook

The Story:

The school year has just begun for thirteen year old, Isabella Burgess. She’s back at Pinnaroo High, now   in Year Nine. The human problem she hoped would go away over the Summer, has returned. Her name – Tia. Issy calls her The Beast for short. The Beast greets Issy each day with ‘Hey Poppy Eyes’, ‘Hey Flatface’, or other cruel taunts, making fun of her facial difference. All of Issy’s attempts to stop The Beast, fail, and the bullying escalates.

Along with The Beast problem, Issy experiences friendship woes with her best friend, Tilly; a crush on the cutest boy in her class, Tim; and she battles her anxiety which has a firm hold on her.

Issy must find a way to overcome all her problems and gain control over her life, before she loses her mind. Will her passion for skateboarding provide the answers she needs

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The foreword of Ride High Pineapple was written by the Children’s Craniofacial Syndrome. They have also endorsed the story. This is a huge accolade.



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