Jenny Woolsey is an international best-selling author, professional and motivational speaker, expert and advocate on diversity and inclusion. She imagines a society where people living with disabilities and differences are seen as part of the norm. Jenny is obsessed and passionate about all things related to diversity and inclusion in schools, workplaces and society. She thrives on helping people embrace who they are – their quirks and nuances that make them, them. Jenny has the motto: Be Weirdly Wonderful!

Jenny brings life experience as a person living with disability since birth, as a mother to 3 children (2 are adults) who have disabilities and differences, as a primary classroom teacher of 25 years and as an adult student and casual employee. Jenny has written 8 middle grade books around diversity and inclusion, and been included in 16 anthologies. She is an international best-selling author. Jenny’s latest self-help book, Be Weirdly Wonderful! 5 ways to lead your best life, will be out in 2023.

Jenny was born with a rare craniofacial condition called Crouzon syndrome and lives with low vision. She uses a white cane. Jenny also has Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Depression. Her eldest two children have Crouzon syndrome, mental illnesses and dietary needs, and her youngest has Down syndrome and autism.

In 2013 Jenny experienced burnout trying to be a superwoman. She had to leave teaching and slow down her life. This change saw Jenny study youth work, training and assessment, life coaching and begin her writing journey.

In 2018 Jenny decided it was time to stop hiding her vision impairment and she sought help from Guide Dogs Queensland. She got her first white cane, which was pink, and named him Seymour. To be seen in public with a cane was not easy as it triggered her childhood trauma of being bullied about her face growing up… but she persevered. With her ‘coming out’ Jenny began to notice more and more the prejudices and discrimination, inequities and inaccessibility issues that exist for people living with disability and she knew she had to become an advocate. This was her destiny.

Jenny is a mentor at the Queensland Writers Centre for people with disabilities and writing about disabilities. She has been involved in various writing communities including running the Moreton Bay Local Writer Meet and Greet. She has written 8 middle grade novels and been included in 16 anthologies. All stories are based around diversity. Jenny has a special interest in memoir as well.

Jenny has spoken at schools around Brisbane where she brings fun and education via workshops and author talks around her books, and diversity and inclusion awareness. Jenny has spoken internationally via Zoom and Instagram on life with a facial difference and diversity and inclusion. She regularly speaks for Guide Dogs Queensland. Jenny has been on International Women’s Day panels, the keynote speaker at the Down Syndrome Education Conference, and been on conference panels focused on disabilities and inclusion in the workplace.

Jenny brings her own unique style and passion to her presentations.