Take a look at my middle grade and YA novels, My wonderful stories are for boys and girls who feel different, are bullied, suffer from low self-esteems and have anxiety. There are also links and free resources for parents on my Free Teacher Resources Blog


Primary and high schools, having my novels in your library and using them in your reading groups will help your students who feel different and are bullied. They will also raise awareness and enable great discussions. I present workshops and presentations at schools as well, and I highly recommend my To Be or Not To Be a Wonder presentation if you are studying Wonder by RJ Palacio. Read the testimonials below. 

Jenny Woolsey Author & Speaker


I am an international best-selling author, speaker, teacher and artist on disability and difference awareness and inclusion. Born with a rare craniofacial syndrome and living with low vision, anxiety and depression, I am a sole mum to three children who have disabilities. I hold a Master of Education (Honours) and write children’s fiction and adult short stories, create ceramics, and speak in schools, at conferences and for organisations around my topic, ‘Be weirdly Wonderful! Embrace your disability and differences’.

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I loved Land of Britannica because it was very interesting and really exciting. I liked the characters and the story line. My favourite part was at the end when Brittney defeated the Queen. – Willow, aged 10. 

I really enjoyed this! I could feel Issy’s frustration at being a target of bullying and her low self esteem, plus how just some words of encouragement from someone she admired could go a long way towards building her into the person she is capable of being. I would especially recommend this to anyone who has ever been bullied or is considered ‘different’ – I really look forward to reading more of Jenny’s work, especially anything like this. – Jo Osborne on Amazon

Jenny Woolsey School VisitBuddina State School – ‘We were very blessed to have Jenny come and share her story and that of others living with difference. Each lesson was created age appropriately and the children really enjoyed discovering and celebrating their own personal uniqueness and sameness. Staff were also provided with some very practical skills to work with children with disabilities and managing difference in their classrooms. I highly recommend Jenny’s inclusion story for all schools and their communities.’ 

Scarborough State School

‘Thank you for visiting our school. Your talk inspired me to just judge people’s personality, not what they look like. My rating is 10 out of 10.’ – Amelie, Year 5, Scarborough State School

Ride High Pineapple School Workshop 



Teachers, let me help your students to became more inclusive, empathetic and kind.

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