Ride High Pineapple

For ages 10-14

Issy Burgess is in Year Nine at Pinnaroo High. She hoped this year would be different, but it’s turning out to be just as bad as Year Eight was.

Follow Issy through her journal, as she tries to deal with The Beast who calls her ‘Froggy eyes’, ‘Fish Face’ and other cruel names, bouts of paralysing anxiety, feeling ugly, friendship ups and downs, and a crush on Tim – the cutest boy in her class.

Can Issy’s passion for skateboarding help her?


978-0-9945341-0-1 (pbk)

978-0-9945341-1-8 (e-bk)

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Brockwell the Brave

For ages 9-12

Twelve-year-old Viking, Brockwell Ness, lives on a dragon farm in the village of Enga. He would prefer to be at the healing hut rather than at home with the scary juvenile and adult dragons or around the village where Colden picks on him.

When Brockwell’s father doesn’t come back from a mission to capture an injured dragon, he has to make a decision.

Will Brockwell be able to face his giants?


978-0-9945341-2-5 (pbk)

978-0-9945341-3-2 (e-bk)

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Land of Britannica

For ages 9-12

Twelve-year-old Brittney is upset her parents have split up and she wants them back together. After Dad introduces his girlfriend to Brittney and her brothers, she is plunged into a strange world… the Land of Britannica. This kingdom is ruled by the evil Storm Queen and it is Brittney’s mission, as stated in the Book of the Kingdom, to defeat the queen and restore the cracked green heart that hangs in the sky. She must face many perils and dangers.

Will Brittney be able to fulfil her destiny?


978-0-9945341-4-9 (pbk)

978-0-9945341-5-6 (e-bk)

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Daniel Barker: By Power or Blight #1

For ages 9-13

Thirteen-year-old Daniel Barker has a magical book from Egypt which gives him 99 wishes. The wishes must be used to make the world a better place. If not, the Mummy’s Blight will be awakened.

Dan is like a superhero, until he wishes for a fire at school to impress Charmaine, the cutest cheerleader. Things then start getting crazy and out-of-control.

Is it the Mummy’s Blight and how will Dan stop his favourite teacher from becoming a zombie?


978-0-9945341-6-3 (pbk)

978-0-9945341-7-0 (e-bk)

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Amy and Phoenix

For ages 8-11

Eleven-year-old Amy Pringle lives on a farm. She knows all the animals by name and can talk to them like Doctor Doolittle. Amy is looking forward to her favourite ewe, Edna, giving birth. When she sees her dad with his gun, she knows something is wrong.

Amy must think of a way to save Phoenix the three-legged lamb’s life.

After her big sister Hannah, posts a video of Phoenix on YouTube and it goes viral, Amy thinks all her problems are solved. Little does she know what is about to happen.

Will Amy be able to save Phoenix after all?


978-0-9945341-4-9 (pbk)

978-0-9945341-5-6 (e-bk)

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Daniel Barker: Journey to Egypt #2

For ages 9-13

Thirteen-year-old Daniel Barker has a magical book from Egypt which gives him 99 wishes. They are to be used for good.

Dan has ignored the rules and awakened the Mummy’s blight so Grandma takes him back to Egypt to find a cure.

While visiting the museum in Cairo, zombies chase Dan into a room. There he is befriended by Ramesses II’s son, Meryatum who helps Dan with his quest.

Riding a chariot, escaping from crocodiles, chasing tomb robbers, temples, palaces, papyrus scrolls, a cunning high priest and much more await him.

Will Dan be able to stop the Mummy’s blight?


978-0-6488337-0-3 (pbk)  

978-0-6488337-1-0 (e-bk

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