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Daniel Barker: Journey to Egypt Free Teacher Resources

Daniel Barker: By Power or Blight Free Teacher Resources

Land of Britannica Free Teacher Resources

Land of Britannica Free Teacher Resources

I hope you enjoy using these free resources in your classroom. Leave a post letting me know which one’s you’ve used and if there are any other type of worksheet that would be useful.


Land of Britannica Teachers Notes


Divorce Worksheets

Activities for Helping Children Deal with Divorce

Divorce on Pinterest

Family Relationships – Australian Government

Allegory Lessons

Lesson @ Storyboard That – Allegory

Lesson @ Study.com – Allegory

Study.com Definition and examples – Allegory

Lesson Planet – Allegory

Exploring Change Through Allegory


Write Your Own Rhymes

The Teacher’s Corner – Poetry Lesson Plans

Kenn Nesbitt’s Poetry4kids

Poetry Wordgames: Activities for Creative Thinking and Writing

Emotional Health Websites

Kids Helpline (Australia)

Lifeline (Australia)

Brockwell the Brave Free Teacher Resources

Ride High Pineapple Free Teacher Resources