3 February 2020 Land of Britannica Information

Land of Britannica Information

Land of Britannica

Middle Grade Novel
Ages 9 – 12

198 pages

Publication Year: 2017

978-0-9945341-4-9 (pbk)
978-0-9945341-5-6 (e-bk)

RRP $15 AUD paperback
RRP $4.14 AUD ebook

The Story:

Twelve-year-old Brittney is upset her parents have split up and she wants them back together. After Dad introduces his girlfriend to Brittney and her brothers, she is plunged into a strange world… the Land of Britannica. This kingdom is ruled by the evil Storm Queen and it is Brittney’s mission, as stated in the Book of the Kingdom, to defeat the queen and restore the cracked green heart that hangs in the sky. She must face many perils and dangers. Will Brittney be able to fulfil her destiny?

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