1 February 2020 Brockwell the Brave Information

Brockwell the Brave Information

Brockwell the Brave

Middle Grade Novel
Ages 9 – 12

136 pages

Publication Year: 2016

978-0-9945341-2-5 (pbk)
978-0-9945341-3-2 (e-bk)

RRP $15 AUD paperback
RRP $4.14 AUD ebook

The Story:

Twelve-year-old Viking, Brockwell Ness, lives on a dragon farm in the village of Enga. He would prefer to be at the healing hut rather than at home with the scary juvenile and adult dragons or around the village where Colden picks on him. When Brockwell’s father doesn’t come back from a mission to capture an injured dragon, he has to make a decision. Will Brockwell be able to face his giants?

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