Amy  and Phoenix Free Teacher Resources

I hope you enjoy using these free resources in your classroom. Leave a post letting me know which one’s you’ve used and if there are any other type of worksheet that would be useful.


Amy and Phoenix Teachers Notes


Farming and Agriculture

National Agriculture in the Classroom (US site)

Agriculture and Food (Western Australia Department of Primary Industries)

Pinterest Activities – farming and agriculture

Pinterest Lessons – farming and agriculture

How Farmers Grow Food Around the World Lesson

Ag Education Lesson Plans (Alberta)

Ag in the Classroom (Louisiana)

Cattle and Sheep farming today (Australian)

NSW Dept of Ed – Agriculture and Food Week Resources


Friendship with Animals

5 Important reasons to raise your kids around farm animals

Pets and Children – AACAP


RSPCA/Animal Welfare

AVA PetPep Activities

WOAW RSPCA Activities

RSPCA Primary Resources Victoria Australia



Disabled Animals

Pets with disabilities VCA

12 Dogs with disabilities


Advocating or Standing up for Beliefs

How you can help your child to be a good self-advocate

Advocacy Matters: Helping children change the world

Teaching children to be their own self-advocates


Cyber safety

Office of the esafety commissioner – Classroom resources

Internet Safety Lesson Plan (Kidshelpline)

Safe Internet Surfing Lesson

Cybersafety Resources (Qld Gov)

Internet safety lessons plans

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