Daniel Barker: By Power or Blight

Daniel Barker Series #1

Upper Middle Grade Novel

Ages 9-13

152 pages

Publication Year: 2018


978-0-9945341-6-3 (pbk)  

978-0-9945341-7-0 (e-bk)

RRP $15 AUD paperback
RRP $4.14 AUD ebook

Thirteen-year-old Daniel Barker has a magical book from Egypt which gives him 99 wishes. The wishes must be used to make the world a better place. If not, the Mummy’s Blight will be awakened.

Dan is like a superhero, until he wishes for a fire at school to impress Charmaine, the cutest cheerleader. Things then start getting crazy and out-of-control.

Is it the Mummy’s Blight and how will Dan stop his favourite teacher from becoming a zombie?

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